Amazon Web Services to Promote Accelerator and Incubator at Rapid Pace in India

Amazon Web Services, a unit of Amazon and a cloud services provider, is keen on promoting accelerator and incubator in India. The company is one of the several technology firms showing its interest in establishing a workforce for next-gen technologies. Their objective is to encourage talent so that disruptive technologies could be established in the sub-continent. However, the American firm is ahead of the companies in creating an industry-ready workforce.

Different Programs

Amazon Internet Services Pvt Ltd (AISPL), an Indian Unit, head Bikram Bedi, has reportedly said that AWS has different types of programs in India. This helps every stakeholder to make additional investments or new age technologies. Aside from that, the Indian arm also helps incubated firms to keep going ahead. For this, the company is offering free credits and provides training and mentoring to startups besides taking them to labs. The primary focus of the Indian unit is to resell and market the cloud services in India.

According to Business Standard “Next, we help them in terms of ‘connect.’ One programme we run is called ‘Enterprise Connect’ where we go to a bank or a manufacturing company, for example, and ask what kind of new solutions they are looking for in the digital space.They tell us that they are looking at such-and-such five areas. We will then go back to our start-up space and say hey, these AWS customers want these five kinds of solutions. The next step is proof of concepts (POC) and then adoption.”

AWS is very clear in its tactics towards establishing the right kind of skills in the market. It will break into a few things, and the first is focused on the current workforce, i.e., start-ups, large businesses and the booming small and medium enterprises (SME). Bedi pointed out that the company runs training classes on a regular basis and that every office has a training room in the country.

Currently, the company has been focusing its training on system administration, solution architecture and more. The second idea is to focus on the promising workforce such as students. The company has established two separate programs for the students. While the first is to educate, the second is known as the academy. AWS is also keen to reach out a broad section of people in India and showed enough interest in establishing a right kind of mix of a skilled workforce for the new age technologies.

Growing Demand

Amazon’s Indian arm pointed out that there is a growing demand for cloud employees. Therefore, the company wanted its AWS Educate to offer an academic gateway for developing the next-gen professionals in respect of IT and cloud services. While Educate is a shorter program, Academy is a full-term course. The company indicated that it was working with several institutions to find out how it could create the right skill-sets.

The third idea is to build skills so that it could go out and arrange regular outreach programs in every community. Bedi disclosed that the company conducted a full day program in Bengaluru on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning where business leaders, developers, engineers and data scientists participated.

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