Fortnite on Android: A Refreshing and Beautiful Experience

As a person who uses an Android device, it has been a long wait to get to play Fortnite on my device. I was ecstatic about the Nintendo switch version which was brought out first. But to my disappointment, it was not possible to access my PS4 account to play it in my tablet.

Soon after, Epic, the developer of Fortnite announced that the battle royale shooter was available in the mobile version in Android as well, in addition to iOS. This was successfully launched last week. The new version has most parts along expected lines. However, Fortnite brings back memories of the yesteryears with its look which is similar to that of a ‘low-poly PlayStation –era game’ in my Galaxy S7 Edge phone.

The installation process is a bit cumbersome. But after installation Fortnite works far better on a smartphone that was expected of it. It functions well even if the phone is not of the latest model with all the latest updates.  The game has progressed smoothly without any slowdown even if the game has advanced to those areas which have a lot of players. It also works well when big detailed structures have to be built in the game.

It took me some time to get used to the controls, similar to that of my experience with iOS. This problem was inevitable as a touchscreen is clearly not the best way to take aims or move around. I am still trying to acclimatize myself to the ways of building up structures with the sole use of my fingertips. I love the experience as it feels as if I am learning how to play a brand new game. It has a learning curve but still feels worth the effort.

For me, the most marked change from that of the PS4 version is visual. After having spent a lot of time on Fortnite via PS4, the map and the terrain within the game have become places which I am familiar with. The dark forests of Wailing Woods, the Loot Lake which soothes me, and even Paradise Palms which is new have become places that I am acquainted with. These places get transformed into places which are completely new on my phone. I am unable to associate the serenity and happiness that I used to associate while visiting these places with the visuals I get to see now. Big angular shapes have displaced trees, and flat circles in blue color denote the beautiful lakes with their clear water. The very start of the game when I jump down with my parachute seems to be a jump into the vacuum as the features of the ground take a few moments to appear on the screen.

Anyways this is expected when you try to accommodate a grand game of this magnitude into smartphones somehow. I love the experience as it reminds me of many of my favorite games from the initial days of PlayStation. The Android version of Fortnite is a welcome change as it makes a modern game easily accessible while still leaving me with fond memories of the ones before.

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