Tesla CEO Elon Musk Doesn’t Intend to Change His Working Style

Arianna Huffington, the founder of Huffington Post, wrote an open letter Tesla CEO Elon Musk urging him to cut back on long working hours. For which Mr. Musk replied that it just cannot happen and cutting back hours is not even an option for him now. With the letter discussing the importance of work-life balance and a healthy lifestyle, He refused to take it into consideration. This has been a result of the stress he has been enduring with the electric car company, Tesla.

Why the letter?

With bad interviews, drop in profits and drug allegations, it is no surprise that the CEO of Tesla is full of anxiety now. The billionaire who is known for keeping his work-life balance intact is now facing tremendous pressure. As a result is personal life along with his health has gone for a toss.

Friday an open letter was sent to Mr. Musk from Arianna Huffington after his interview with the Times. The letter insisted him to cut down on his work hours as this will affect his health. This was following a not-so-good interview with the New York Times, in which he mentioned that he is overwhelmed by work stress. Mr. Musk also went to quote that his number of work hours has been increased to around 120 hours a week and that sometimes he has to take an Ambien to sleep.

The letter was addressed to his increased work hours which by no means will heighten the quality of work. It also mentioned that Mr. Musk’s talents would only be wasted with the bizarre schedule and work life. The human body will need rest from time to time. Only by recharging and refueling our energy, can a person work effectively? It is not possible for humans to simply power up after such a heavy workload.

Elon Musk’s Version

While the letter went on to lecture Mr. Musk, he simply had other stories to tell. He replied via a tweet which was on early Sunday Morning where he was returning home after the stressful late night work at Tesla.

Musk simply did not have any other option, on his side of the story. He explained that apart from Ford and his electric car company Tesla every other auto manufacturer had filed for bankruptcy at some point or other. He also stated that cutting work hours not an option for him.

With Model 3 Sedan the company’s budget electric car is in its development stage, the stress kept piling after tons of money was used up. For Mr.Musk the challenges only kept increasing as the investors of Tesla started getting impatient with the production and the company’s decisions.

To top it all off, Elon Musk announced that he is taking Tesla private. This included huge projections for the company regarding sales, profits, and production which was clearly not achieved by Tesla in the past. The fact that he also leads the rocket company, SpaceX doesn’t help here.

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