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The story behind the delayed ban of Alex Jones from Twitter explained



The ban of Alex Jones and Infowars from the social media world has been the recent buzz in the tech world now. While Apple, Facebook & YouTube jumped in to ban Infowars, Twitter was the last to join the list. While Twitter received continued backlash for delaying the ban, people on the other side are talking about ‘freedom of speech.’ As things got heated, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter decided to step up and explain the reason behind the decision.

What is the fuzz about?

Sometime about a fortnight ago, all the major social media sites including Facebook & YouTube along with the tech giants like Apple decided to ban Mr. Alex Jones, a famous conspiracy theorist along with the site he manages, Infowars. This is no news has Mr. Alex is known to have a history of getting banned from the services provided by multiple social media sites. So what is the fuzz about then?

It turns out, the ban was not followed by Twitter, and as a result, Twitter received heavy allegations for not following suit with the other social media giants. Ultimately Twitter decided to ban Mr. Alex Jones and his website after an infamous tweet from him which allegedly asked his viewers to take the support of firearms against media and journalists. This resulted in a ban for 7 days starting from Tuesday.

Mr. Jack Dorsey came up with a statement in an interview with CNN explaining the delay for the ban. The company wanted to make sure that there was evidence which was available before banning Alex Jones or Infowars.

What about freedom of speech?

Unlike Facebook & YouTube, Twitter doesn’t devote many services to ‘users reporting obscene content.’ On one side Facebook’s profits dropped with increased concentration on ‘reporting and ban.’ On the other Twitter ignores even after Alex had a history of abusing victims. Meanwhile, Silicon Valley increased its strategies in a computer algorithm to curb hate speech. Facebook claims that it has stopped 99 percent of terror plans before execution and even before anyone reporting the same. Jack goes on explaining that it is difficult to monitor each and every content which in turn will exhaust a lot of resources.

But complains about hindering the ‘freedom of speech’ has already started flooding in. Even President Trump supported the views saying, that social media sites are ‘closing down opinions’ of conservatives.

Since these companies aren’t very transparent on what basis they are banning a person or company, it does likely affect the voice of many people. Trump also quoted that, “Trump Administration will not let this happen.”

As this goes on, Alex Jones can start expressing his views again by Tuesday.

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